Panel: From education to lifelong learning

Our school system has stayed unchanged for years. The game is changing, and it is forcing us to accept the truth that learning isn’t just something that happens in classrooms. We need to become lifelong learners to keep up with its pace. We need to learn how to become system intelligent.

Panelists: Aape Pohjavirta - moderator, Hanna Waldén, Lauri Järvilehto, Linda Mannila

Panel: Go active health revolution

For long, the health sector has been fixing problems instead of preventing them. Technology has been celebrated as the pandora’s box, the key to a long and happy life. Is it? A health revolution is around the corner. Get on board!

Panelists: Christian Lindholm - moderator, Kristian Luoma, Niina Karstunen, Tuula Tiihonen


The energy field is going through major changes. Digitalization and new technologies are enabling the evermore needed renewable energy sources, making them available at a larger scale. We are already seeing progress, as startups and established energy companies are joining forces. How can we support this collaboration? How is sharing economy affecting the industry?

Panelists: Tapio Salmi - moderator, Mari Pantsar, Sini Harkki, Jarkko Ahlbom, Antto Kulla

Aape Pohjavirta
Moderator / Founder and Chief Evangelist of Funzi

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Hanna Waldén
Panelist / ​Life Long Learner / Team Coach / Team Entrepreneur Tiimiakatemia Global (Finland)

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Lauri Järvilehto
Panelist / Lightneer Inc / Filosofian Akatemia

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Linda Mannila
Panelist / Åbo Akademi University / Linköping University / Digismart / Make It Finland​

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Christian Lindholm
Moderator / CEO and Co-Founder Koru / Head of Innovation and Co-founder of Vertical Accelerator

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Samuli Saarni
Panelist / Head of Health and Wellbeing at OP Financial Group

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Niina Karstunen
Panelist / Wellness Specialist / Firstbeat Technologies Ltd

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Tuula Tiihonen
Panelist / Project Leader at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

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Tapio Salmi
Moderator / Professor / Dean of Science and Engineering, Åbo Akademi University

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Mari Pantsar
Panelist / Leader of the "Resource-Wise and Carbon-Neutral Society" Theme Area / Sitra at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

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Sini Harkki
Panelist / Programme Manager of Greenpeace

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Jarkko Ahlbom
Panelist / Manager, Zero Emission Strategy, Nissan Nordic Europe Oy

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Antto Kulla
Panelist / Development Manager, Turku Energia Ltd

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