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I love MacGyverism!
When I grew up, my favorite TV show was MacGyver. His curiosity and resourcefulness always made him…
Business Trainer to the SHIFT Generation: "Be Honest to Yourselves"
Jukka Vesala is a B2B trainer, entrepreneur and a junior football coach. As a result of SHIFT 2016,…
Arriving to SHIFT 2017
“We are offering free bus rides on Wednesday 31st May in cooperation with Föli.”
What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
How AI has brought intelligence to our lives!
Flowpark - ecological adventure park
Flowpark came into being when two buddies from Turku had an idea to combine values they considered…
JCI Welcome to SHIFT 2017!
SHIFT is arranged in an exotic setting of a medieval castle
Aira Samulin is the patron of SHIFT 100 Grand People -campaign
SHIFT Business Festival celebrates Finland’s 100th birthday by inviting 100 retired, over 65-years…
Learn from a Shipping Executive, Machine to Human Visionary
Margus Schults, maritime CEO and top HR leader to advise in the SHIFT Boardroom Challenge – and make…
People who have done it
Marina Vahtola is one of the boardmembers in the SHIFT Boardroom Challenge
Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than in the previous 300 years
According to one of the world’s most prominent futurists, speaker Gerd Leonhard, there will be more…
Bomberbot, winner of the pitch competition at SHIFT 2016
Why pitch at SHIFT?
Shift Kasvuhuone – Room for Growth
Spring and the growing season is here! Art, environment and business met in a new way at SHIFTs…
Sustainability – SHIFT leads by example
We make the event fun, cosy and responsible
​A smarter and more comfortable workplace
What to expect and how to enjoy it
5 ways to SHIFT your mindset and see change as an opportunity
We live in a fast-paced economic environment, where change is inevitable. But what does it takes to…
How to get SHIFT done? Join forces and do it together!
The symbol for effective cooperation and good team spirit, the Together we are strong -award, was…
The future of work - Lauri Järvilehto
In the future, new technologies will substitute even one third of today's professions. Most of the…
From information revolution to robot revolution
IBM Watson and the exciting possibilities of Artificial Intelligence
Meet the world’s first cyborg artist Neil Harbisson
We have seen cyborgs in sci-fiction movies. But what if that is not fiction anymore?
Snowflake beat: The SHIFT’s light show at the Turku castle
How to say goodbye to the old year and embrace the new one with light and art
The SHIFT is coming again - bigger than ever!
The first SHIFT attracted over 1000 participants in Turku Castle. Next year, the location stays the…
The summit of virtual reality
The virtual reality insights from The SHIFT 2016
A digital day from the future
Biohacking and wearable technology insights from The SHIFT 2016
Making it happen - Experiences from a TUAS student
Joonas Valkonen – the relentless pitchman of the SHIFT project team and student of Entrepreneurship…
When you dare to dream, big things will happen
The story of The SHIFT
Pekka Hyysalo and Fightback to make an appearance at The SHIFT
Pekka Hyysalo is known as the founder and the face of FightBack, a brand that stands for positive…
The extinction of advisors? A story why KPMG partnered up with the SHIFT
Times are changing my friend, but you are not alone in this turbulence.
Towards carbon neutral transportation
Electric car is still quite an unusual sight in traffic, but the share is growing rapidly in…
Networking gone wild!
The number one reason for attending events is networking. Yet how many times have you been to an…
Get to know the strong woman of the renaissance at The SHIFT
The SHIFT is glad to announce that Tammi Publishers is participating at The SHIFT with the most…
The Cities Are Shifting As Well
Which strategies and methods do cities need in the changing world? Find out what the city of Salo is…
Kiss My Turku – Running for a brighter future
Kiss my Turku has teamed up with The SHIFT business festival to show the dawn of a new age in…
A recipe for success from Salo – get into dialogue with your customers
A successful idea can be born in a second – or it may need billions of seconds.
Best Innovations Don't Always Come from the Experts
This time, our guest bloggers come from the resource-efficient business research group at Turku…
Thousand business people are thrown into prison in Turku
The guests of the most-most-talked-about business event of 2016, The SHIFT, are facing some serious…
Meet “The Ultimate SHIFTER” Jarmo Matala-aho
The competition is over and a winner stands in our midst; His name is Jarmo Matala-Aho, a…
Tomi Taipale: Bringing Different Talents Together
What do engineering industry and cosmetics have in common? Nothing as far as I am concerned, except…
Stephen Lake on Dreams & Fears of Technology
Stephen Lake’s entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 12 when he first made a small…
Pasi Vänttinen and Impact Venture Capital
What is impact venture capital? Find out from our Advisory Board member, Pasi Vänttinen.
The SHIFT Rooftop BBQ @ GE
The SHIFT’s official Pre-event in Helsinki was held on the 3rd of May at a rooftop deck of the…
Artificial Intelligence Is Here to Make You Unemployed
The writer argues that artificial intelligence will steal our jobs – and it may be the best thing…
Good Food and a Sense of Community – New Collaboration by Kaskis and Mehiläinen
What brings pleasure to your everyday life? Family and friends, physical exercise or other hobbies,…
The SHIFT’s Pre-Event in Turku Was a Huge Success
The SHIFT’s official Pre-event gathered eighty participants, representing a wide array of…
Get your Productive Idea to NASDAQ
Success of tomorrow is made today.
GE has BIG news to tell you at The SHIFT
We have BIG news!
Tom Ståhlberg on Health and Technology
Last week I met another member of our advisory board, Tom Ståhlberg. He started our chat by saying:…
One of The SHIFT startups raises 500 000€
​For some reason, as every great story, this one started from Boost Turku.Three guys knowing nothing…
Internet will vanish in ten years, claims Roope Mokka from Demos Helsinki in Tivi's interview from…
Partnerships sold out
​The SHIFT has sold out all of its partnerships. “It seems we are doing things right. Thank you…
Medieval history meets Virtual Reality at The SHIFT
​Our partner, Turku Game Lab, has developed an application and Escape room that will raise your…
Aape Pohjavirta: When was the last time you learned something new?
This time we focus on the learning aspect of The SHIFT. Why is it important and how does it manifest…
The African Energy Revolution
​Our guest blogger is Mo El-Fatatry, CEO of Masar. Masar is a smart energy company ushering a new…
Teemu Malinen: why do we need a SHIFT?
Teemu Malinen, the CEO of Sofokus, gives you his two cents on why you should care about The SHIFT…
From waste to art
As part of our program we have invited Alessio De Marchi to do a short artist residency before and…
Eight skills necessary to navigate the future
What attributes and skills does one need to navigate succesfully in the Future? Henrietta Kekäläinen…
Common denominator
Right now, the leaders of the world are gathered in Paris to discuss one of the biggest challenges…
Bring down the silos!
We believe that future societal and economic development is dependent on our ability to see and…